The Lab at Brookes Bell’s state of the art PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current) array scanners can rapidly test substrates with a sweeping probe width of 450mm, penetrating up to 300mm. 

The innovative technology enables our in-house NDT specialists to scan large volumes of deck plating and other structural hull surfaces. 

With our unique proprietary software, we are able to recreate precise models of a ship’s structural condition using high resolution imaging, all within a short time frame, allowing for timely decision making prior to going into a refit. 

Corrosion mapping applications for vessels include: 

  • CUI – corrosion under insulation
  • Composite decks
  • Scab corrosion under antifouling
  • Tanks – water/fuel/ballast
  • Hull and other exterior painted surfaces
  • Seawater and exhaust pipework
  • Drencher system pipework
  • Flooring in bathrooms/showers/galleys, including through tiled flooring

Our innovative technology conforms to ISO 20669 and allows us to see through composite/anti-slip deck coverings to scan the vessel’s deck structure below. 

We can scan hulls above or below the waterline; seeing through non-conductive cladding, finished coatings and antifouling. Our PEC is the ‘go to’ technology for:

  • Determining remaining plate thickness
  • Plate renewal estimation
  • Identifying composite covered areas requiring replacement
  • Identifying coating areas to be repaired

Our technology brings a range of benefits compared to traditional scanning methods:

  • Our scanners are portable so scans can be undertaken anywhere in the world
  • Scans can be carried out months prior to project commencement ensuring minimal disruption
  • Scans can be carried out above or below the waterline with no need for the removal of surface material or use of sprays, gels, and dyes
  • Speed of data acquisition and generation of report

Benefit to the vessel – how can a PEC corrosion assessment help? 

The benefit of a Brookes Bell survey is that the resultant report allows for an accurate quote for steel renewal and repair works, prior to or, during a refit or overhaul with minimum disruption to a vessel’s operations.

Additional benefits include:

  • Management company/shipyards will understand the scope of work and can prepare and align schedules, budgets, and interface of subcontractors well in advance
  • All parties will have a clear view of the project and can see the full scope of the underlying issues prior to the commencement of work
  • The inspection can be carried out months in advance of a yard period to suit the vessel’s schedule

To find out more about The Lab’s full corrosion assessment services, contact us today.

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