Microscopy is a crucial part of modern failure investigations and forensic analysis.

Choosing a provider that is able to utilise the most appropriate imaging methods for the task can make the crucial difference in understanding an issue.

Our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is designed for flexible and complicated scopes of inspection and can cater for a broad range of different sample types, across a wide range of magnifications and inspection techniques. Equipped with low-vacuum capability, we are able to offer inspection of non-conducting samples without the need for coating.

The Lab’s advanced SEM team can report on:

  • General inspection
  • Fractographic analysis
  • Paint flake and coatings analysis
  • Contamination and corrosion analysis
  • Joint-witnessed inspection
  • Quality control inspection in manufacturing
  • Research applications
  • Product development

The Lab’s SEM can also assist in the identification of mechanisms of failure and elemental analysis using energy-dispersive x-ray analysis - which can be used for determining the chemical composition of metals and materials at their surface, particle identification, contamination and corrosion assessment and coating inspection. The provision of data on the chemical composition of the surface under test can prove invaluable in forensic investigations.

Remote inspection using The Lab’s scanning electron microscope

If time or location is an issue, The Lab’s SEM can be remotely accessed through Microsoft Teams, allowing access and control almost as if you were in the room with the equipment. 

Our remote viewing capability allows what the operator is seeing to be observed on a monitor by any client anywhere in the world. This capability is enhanced by streaming and a flexible multi-camera array that allows our experts at our Wirral laboratory to control the microscope whilst our clients’ experts and engineers can essentially “view” the sample from their own offices or homes, guiding the inspection almost as if they were sitting next to the operator.

Should it be necessary, our experts can provide you with training on the correct use of the SEM too.

Find out more about The Lab’s scanning electron microscopy capabilities today.

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