The Lab. A deceptively simple name for an innovative, high-end forensic laboratory based in the North West of England. If you require answers to complex questions and situations, The Lab can answer them.

About The Lab

The home of world-class forensic analysis and investigative services, The Lab caters to businesses, organisations and institutions of all kinds across the marine, energy, and manufacturing industries worldwide.

Our team of expert scientists, analysts, consultants and other specialists are trusted by businesses large and small to carry out a range of investigations. That’s thanks to our team’s credentials and experience in disciplines as diverse as metallurgy, non-destructive testing, advanced non-destructive testing, inspection engineering and more.

This expert team is matched with cutting-edge testing technology including advanced digital microscopy, eddy current array and pulsed eddy current array technology and more. We’re continually investing in new technology too - to ensure we can provide you with the most accurate answers you are seeking.

Don’t think our services are confined to our laboratory either. We are able to offer a wide range of on-site testing and analysis services, some of which can be carried out whilst assets are in operation, eliminating the need for downtime

The Lab’s laboratory and technology services

The Lab offers a multitude of services which are grouped into two core areas; materials testing, and non-destructive testing.

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What makes The Lab unique?

There really isn’t another facility like The Lab. We’ve made it our mission to become the UK’s leading laboratory and technology centre for the maritime, energy, industrial and manufacturing industries.

As such, The Lab is home to an unparalleled team of experts and technology who can draw upon the heritage of Brookes Bell, making it a truly unique resource.

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Unparalleled expertise where it counts

Benefit from the expertise, experience and knowledge of leading scientists, analysts and other specialists today. Speak to The Lab about your forensic investigation requirements today.

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