At The Lab we understand that samples, their correct handling and preparation, and analysis are often key to finding the answers you need.

That’s why we’ve invested in both the expertise and equipment to handle materials to the highest standards.

Our facility is equipped to handle the lifting and storage of heavy engineering items and components. 

But our experience goes beyond merely lifting and storing samples. 

We’re adept at the preparation of a huge variety of different samples to meet many different requirements. 

From the very delicate to the very tough, our team is able to undertake sample preparation ranging from carrying out thin cuts of material to high-quality grinding and polishing. 

Even very large components aren’t a challenge; we can facilitate saw cutting and sectioning (cold cutting) of large diameter shafts (up to 650mm) in addition to other large samples.

No matter what material you need preparing for examination and analysis, The Lab’s handling service can help.

Discover more about The Lab’s sample handling and preparation capabilities now.

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