The use of advanced digital microscopy is a crucial part of modern failure investigations and forensic analysis.

Choosing a provider that is able to utilise the latest optical imaging methods can make the crucial difference in understanding an issue.

Once your samples have been suitably prepared (or if they are already prepared), The Lab is able to subject them to advanced digital microscopy techniques. 

Our digital microscopes are designed for flexible and complicated scopes of inspection and can cater for a broad range of different sample types, across a wide range of magnifications and inspection techniques.

The Lab’s advanced digital microscopes can be used for:

  • General inspection
  • Fractographic analysis
  • Weld analysis
  • Paint flake and coatings analysis
  • Microstructural inspection
  • High-precision measurements
  • Joint-witnessed analysis
  • Magnified imaging of printed circuit boards
  • Quality control inspection in manufacturing

Additionally, we possess lenses which can provide different ways of examining materials, such as plan inspection of uneven samples, close up microstructural work, and even the generation of 3D images of particular areas of interest.

If you want to unearth the answers that lie within a material - The Lab’s advanced digital microscopy services can help you find them.

To find out more about The Lab’s advanced digital microscopy services, contact us now.

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