Appropriate paint and coatings play a vital role in maintaining the integrity, condition and serviceability of vessels, vehicles and other equipment.

In the event that paint systems or coatings fail, you’ll quickly find corrosion taking hold - a situation which everyone wants to avoid. 

And, whilst there are plenty of preventative actions you can take to tackle paint and coating failures, sometimes failures do occur.

Should you find yourself dealing with a paint or coating failure, The Lab can help. 

Our highly experienced team, utilising our advanced inspection equipment can:

  • Offer you expert analysis on flake sampling and coating failure inspection
  • Identify the key causes of coating breakdown via samples
  • Measure and examine paint flake samples using our advanced digital microscopy equipment: This includes documenting the profile of the top and bottom surfaces of samples to identify contamination, inclusions and the presence of rust and scale
  • Use microscopic samples to identify the degree of surface preparation prior to the application of paint

In addition to the above, The Lab is also able to undertake further investigatory analysis of coating samples, including paint flake and blister fluid composition. 

These investigations are carried out in-house and make use of our scanning electron microscope, fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography mass spectrometry equipment.

For all things paint and coatings related, chat to The Lab today.

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