Whether it’s machine parts, paint, metal fragments or casualty items from a dispute or survey, The Lab at Brookes Bell ensures the safe custody and long-term storage of valuable samples at our industry leading management facilities. Samples are documented and stored in an appropriate manner, so that vital evidence is not damaged, destroyed or altered in any meaningful way from the manner it was collected or after the time of an incident.

Our facilities have been purpose built for the safe handling, maintenance, preparation and storage of samples and casualty items. We provide full traceability from the moment your sample arrives at The Lab, and with our sample storage and management system, we monitor each sample’s movement, allowing you to keep track of all samples housed by The Lab. 

When it is time for the representative experts from each side to jointly inspect the samples, The Lab’s storage facility personnel will have knowledge of each sample and its full history. From initial pickup, to transfer of custody, to proper storage at our inspection facilities; your samples will be handled correctly and safely. 

Whether your sample is a failed engine part or damaged crane wire, paint flake or cargo product, we know that appropriate storage and preservation are essential. 

We offer sample storage facilities for a large range of samples including:

  • Machinery parts
  • Crane wires
  • Riveted or welded sections
  • Paint flakes
  • Corroded materials
  • Damaged or contaminated cargoes

When you need to know that your sample is in good hands, The Lab at Brookes Bell provides a secure facility with state-of-the art laboratory and storage capabilities starting with the identification, collection, transportation, and long-term storage management of all of your forensic evidence - large or small. 

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