Whether minor or catastrophic, it’s vital that failures are investigated thoroughly, accurately and promptly. 

Failure to do so can lead to litigation, financial exposure, injury to personnel and more. 

But there’s a team of experts and a facility that can provide you with the very best forensic engineering and failure investigations services.

The Lab.

Our experienced scientists have an acute understanding of the mechanisms of component failure. As such, we are able to provide specialist forensic engineering services and failure investigations to a wide range of builders, manufacturers and asset owners. 

Our forensic engineering and failure investigation services are provided throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

In many cases, we act in a technical capacity where no failure has yet occurred, but where an issue has arisen over construction quality or where further knowledge is needed with regards to handling metals and manufacturing processes The Lab is here to assist.

Find out more about The Lab’s forensic engineering and failure investigations capabilities.

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